For Visitors and Buyers

All purchases are backed by a 30-day, no-question-asked, money-back guarantee. Feel free to buy the workflows, try them, and request a refund if it does not fit your need.

This depends on the license of the workflows. Some workflows are in public domain and can be distributed freely. Others come with a license so only legal licencees can use the workflow, even if the workflow can be purchased for free.

All workflows come with an option for an extended license. If you are subscribed to a Team plan, you will be able to purchase a workflow with an extended license, which will effectively buy the workflow for yourself, and all your organizations (but not the future organizations that you may create). All your team members can access the workflows that you purchased via "From ORGNIZATION" menu where "ORGNIZATION" is the name of the organization.

Each workflow has a comment section in which you can post your question. The author of the workflow will be notified and will usually be able to answer your question. Other users of the same workflow could also help you with its usages.

You can post your questions in our general discussion forum . If you use specific keywords about research topic, input, output, method, or tools, Users with relevant expertise will be notified.

If you are looking for a particular workflow and cannot find it from our website, you can post a question in our workflows discussion forum. It can be helpful to set up a bounty as a pre-paid appreciation gift to users who answer your question, or provide you with a usable workflow.

You will need to have enough credit in your account to create a bounty, which can be created by buying some credit or redeeming a giftcard.

Users who purchase a workflow are encouraged to submit a review and score the Workflows usability, and they can return the Workflow for a refund within 30 days.