For Developers

We are open-source developers and we understand the time and effort it takes to maintain these projects. We create the BioWorkflows Developer Program as our way to appreciate the contributions from developers.

The execution of the program can be complicated but essentially speaking 10.0% of the sale price of all workflows sold at our website would be distributed among the developers of the tools that are used by the workflows,

If you are the main, or one of the core developers of an open-source projects, you can create a free account, go to settings, create a new tag with the name of the tool (or use an existing one), and opt in the developer program.

No, you are busy enough and do not have to do anything after you register your project with us. By default you will be notified with all forum questions that mentions the program, or workflows that have been published to use your program, but you can turn off notifications if you want.

Your account will be debitted automatically with your proportions of the sales when an workflow that uses your program have been sold. You can withdraw from your account or simply use the balance to buy workflows and other services from