Marketplace for Biomedical Data Analysis Workflows

We provide a marketplace for researchers to buy and sell biomedical data analysis workflows. A workflow can be in any format, implemented in in any scripting or programming languages or computational pipelines, as long as it analysis a particular type of biomedical data, answer certain question, or generate one or more types of results. To make it easy for others to understand the workflow, we require that the workflows contain a cover page in Jupyter Notebook format and contains narratives, source code, and sample input and output.

Authors can publish their workflows on, either for free or for a price, and receive incomes as store credit, which could be redeemed after the sales are final.

Users who bought a workflow are encouraged to write a review and rate the workflow for its usability, and they will be able to refund the workflow within 30 days.

Discussion Forums and Bounty for Workflows

We provide a discussion forums for users to discuss workflow related issues. This is especially useful for users who cannot find a suitable workflow.

Bounties can be claimed in the forum or through the purchase of a workflow.

Developers' Program

A majority of the software used in the biomedical fields are open source programs produced by researchers. Needless to say the development of these software tools are the basis of the entire biomedical fields.

Unfortunately, if the development of these tools could be supported by research grants or compensated as scientific publications, maintainence of these tools were rarely supported, leaving many of the software tools unmaintained.

As open source software developers ourselves, we create the BioWorkflows Deverlopers' Program and pledge to pay 10% of incomes to open source developers.